The best saccos in Kiambu county might not be the most popular saccos. They probably are not the ones that people are talking about in the streets. However, they are the only ones with the right to hold your money for you. They understand the county, its economy, its people- their plight, needs and potential and their aim is to help the county grown together its people.

Have you ever wondered why saccos thrive more in the countryside than they do in the city? The reason is simple, people up there are available for trainings. They are ready to learn and once they do, they implement the lessons. On the contrary, city dwellers get too busy with sveral activities, most of which are not beneficial. They are full of fear that they dread everyone coming to them with some financial deals. This is because the Kenyan cities are flocked with con artists who have eventually ruined even genuine businesses.

Some people don’t even understand the real difference between a sacco and a bank. Even without getting into that, just know that a sacco is what qualifies to be identified as an investment partner. You save as per your capability, you borrow up to 3 or 4 times your savings just a few months after you start saving and you repay at a minimal interest rate.

Now these are the best saccos in Kiambu County:

1. Tai Sacco

The Best Saccos in Kiambu County, Invest wisely in KenyaTai is a Swahili word for eagle and true to this, Tai Sacco has been soaring for the past 28 years since 1992. The sacco was started in Kiambu but with time they have opened other branches. So far Tai has a total of 9 branches working towards developing everyone. They work with farmers for agri-business related loans, students and parents for school fees loans, TSC teachers, individuals and all categories of people. People have rose from tenants to landlords with the help of Tai sacco, and being the county of its inception, Kiambu has been the number beneficiary. To join this sacco, visit their site and click, ‘Become a Member.’ Alternatively, visit any of their branches and you’ll be registered as one.

2. Unaitas Sacco

You could be one of those who are hearing for the first time that Unaitas is a sacco. Probably all the while you have been thinking that it is a bank. Unaitas is one of the best saccos operating in Kiambu. The sacco started in Murang’a in 1993 as Murang’a Tea Growers. In 2007, they rebranded to Muramati sacco which again became Unaitas in 2012. Unaitas has therefore more than enough experience in the credits and savings industry therefore becoming second in kiambu county today.

3. K-Unity Sacco

Do you want to feel in control of your finances and your whole life altogether? That is what K-Unity exists to do. The sacco was started way back in 1974 and has been assisting people gain their financial freedom through saving, borrowing and investing.

Although there are some more saccos around, this article has profiled only the best three. Or did they ever gift the number four in your school days? The answer is a no.

The best saccos in Kiambu County, you must have noticed are all ‘old in the business.’ They have been around long enough to identify risks from a distance and hence be able to shield themselves with their clients early and well enough. They are also registered entities under the law, a basic factor for one to consider. Invest wisely in Kenya. Contact Us today