Tai sacco Micro credit

Tai Sacco Society Micro credit loans in Kenya offer provide fast, convenient financing to individuals in a group or as a group. We keep our interest rates flexible and affordable.

To qualify for Micro credit loans, commonly known as “group loans”, only applicants that have organized themselves into groups, associations are eligible. They might be part of an organization such as church, school or youth club or any other community gathering.

  • Chamaa loans –loans advanced to groups
  • Micro loans –advanced to individuals  in the groups, these loans are boresha and supreme loans

As a trusted credit institution, we have been committed to the development and improvement of our products, policies and services. This is what makes us stand out from others in the market.

Benefits of Micro credit loans in Kenya for you and your group. 

  • Flexible repayment terms
  • Flexible security requirements
  • Free financial advisory/training services
  • Competitive interest rates
  • Fast loan processing
  • Capacity building
micro credit loans in Kenya

Do you have questions? or just want to talk to us? give us a call today. We strive to transform the lives of our members socially and economically through provision of timely and innovative financial solutions such as this loan product. We are intent on making sure our customers are financially empowered, which is why we have standardized the entire process. Get started with your micro credit loan application.


    Githunguri Branch
    Tai Plaza
    Behind Total Petrol Station, Githunguri Town, Kiambu County