Livestock Cover

Livestock policy compensates against death of insured livestock as a result of various perils namely; uncontrollable diseases, including epidemics, calving down, accidents, emergency slaughter on medical grounds and fire and related perils including:

  • Accidents – biting by wild animals,
  • Uncontrollable Diseases – epidemics
  • Birth complications –
  • Fire & related perils
  • Emergency slaughter on medical grounds


  • Hygiene related diseases example;Mastitis
  • Food poisoning – contaminated feeding (this must be verified by registered veterinary officer)
  • Disappearance / theft.
  • Not well fed – malnutrition
  • Drought



How many other animals do you have? – All animals must be insured not selection

Identification tags with names

Involvement of qualified vet to verify; value, health certificate

Animal records

Waiting for sickness period of 30 days is applied not payable immediately.

Cover upto 8th birthday.