Tai Sacco Society Limited is a registered deposit taking Savings and Credit Cooperative Society that was previously known as Kiambu Tea Growers Society Limited within the Republic of Kenya. In the year 2010, Tai Sacco Society became the 3rd Sacco in Kenya to be licensed and regulated by the Sacco Society Regulatory Authority (SASRA).


In year 2009, Kiambu Tea Growers Society Limited was rebranded to Tai Sacco Society Limited. This Re-branding was necessitated by our growth in customer base which had continued to grow and thus the need for a more encompassing name was felt. The common bond was opened and we nolonger served Tea farmers only; civil servants, dairy farmers, coffee farmers, horticultural and floricultural farmers, business community, transport industry and much more have curved in.

The name Tai is borrowed from Swahili Language which means an Eagle. An Eagle is well known for its conspicuous characters and values. On realizing that our behavior, character and are like those of an eagle. We declare to become an eagle and so we became.

Eagle Characteristics

  1. Sight – The eagle see very far actually more than a Human being and it’s very focused. We are focused and not ready to divert our attention from our core purpose and objective.
  2. Flight – like the eagle we are purposed to fly against the storm of any nature that would pull down our Sacco.
  3. Fresh flesh – the eagle feeds on only fresh flesh not rotten meat. As a result, it lives long, avoiding the many lifestyles & diseases. We don’t consume anything in terms of products and services. We know what is poisonous and avoid it for the sake of our financial and economic health.
  4. Balance – The feathers and the Body of the eagle when placed on the opposite sides of a weighing scale balance perfectly. We are balanced in our activities, decisions and understanding.
  5. Able to detect storms – an eagle has an in built radar system that enables it to detect storms before they come, thus it stays prepared. At Tai Sacco, we have purposed to be proactive which enables us to tackle storms when they come.
  6. Testing before trusting – before eagles mate they enter into courtship whereby the female eagle tests the responsibility of the male eagle. Only after passing the test does the female accent to the activity. We test out and carry feasibility study before we venture.
  7. Renewal after growing old – When an eagle attains the age of 40 years, the clause and the beak becomes blunt. The feathers too fade and become quite ugly.

This is the time when the eagle goes to the mountain and for about 3 months, goes through the process of breaking the beak and the claws as well as removing all the feathers. After that the beak, the claws and the feathers grow afresh, the eagle comes out of the mountains renewed, rejuvenated and re-engineered.

At Tai Sacco we are able to shed off what bars us from mounting up. Thus our driving force is Isaiah 40: 30-31…. They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength. They shall mount up with wings like eagles.

Today, Tai Sacco Society Limited has continued to enjoy tremendous growth in membership and geographical coverage which has become a strong superimposed pillar that supports all – inclusive membership.