Academia Education Plan

Academia is a savings policy that enables you to make available finances to meet the future education requirements of your children. Quality education equips your child(ren) with everything they need to enable them achieve economic freedom and make their dreams come true. Therefore, your child’s education is therefore a top priority.

However we know that the cost of a child’s education is one of the biggest costs that a family faces today. We are also faced with uncertainties like disabilities or untimely loss of the parents which can interrupt the child’s education.That is why academia plan is a tool to protect your child’s future should be anticipated and planned today.

The Benefits to you

  • It is a tax free investment. The final payout is not taxable.
  • Tax relief benefit. The government has given a relief of 15% of monthly premium or Kshs 5,000 whichever is less to all life policy holders. This    is a saving on taxable income.
  • You enjoy a life and disability cover.
  • Forced savings hence ensuring money is saved for purpose intended.
  • Premiums are constant throughout the term thus allows you to better budget.

Benefits to Your child

  • It ensures that the benefits are known from the outset.
  • It guarantees the child’s education: